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About Us

About Us


Ozturk Container Industry & Trade Ltd. Co. is one of the most experienced and well developed manufacturer in the production of flatpack accommodation containers, office containers, prefabricated buildings, ISO Shipping containers, steel construction buildings, army containers, oil field containers, special shelters, generator containers, water treatment containers and gsm security containers and custom designed containers in Turkey since 1984...

We have been having a part the initiation of lots of important projects such as mass housing, energy projects such as dam, oil and natural gas projects, sky scrapers, infrastructure, highways, social facilities in Turkey and more than 30 countries for more than 20 years.

Total manufacturing area is 8000 m2 in our Samandıra Factory; Ozturk Container manufactures all types of Flatpack Containers. 

Total manufacturing area is 25000 min our Ferhatpasa Factory; Ozturk Container manufactures all types of ISO Shipping Containers, Worksite Type Containers, Prefabricated Buildings and other Special Types of Containers. 

Total manufacturing area is 8000 min our Gemlik Factory which is located in Bursa City; Ozturk Container is using as a depot for second hand ISO Shipping containers and makes all repairing works.  

Exporting more than 80% of our company’s production,creating important significant value in Turkey and international levels, carrying international projects by establishing solution partnership in many countries.

Ozturk Container, by sourcing the materials used in production from leader suppliers reveals the importance of product quality. Thanks to the experienced application teams, maintains leading position in the sector by completing majör projects in a record period of time.

Ozturk Container gives great importance to P&D and R&D activities and recognises the responsibility of developing new functions, duty and products suitable for the new era, in addition to proven customer satisfaction values, producing fast and economic solutions under the TSE, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS, CE security documents, offering the highest quality products and services, still continues to add values in Turkey and international platform.

Our Company continues its production activities successfully for Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia and Far East market.